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hi,👋I'm Jóan Manuel (most people just call me John)welcome to my corner of the interwebs

I’m a fullstack developer, writer, and filmmaker this is where I share my knowledge,and random rants

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intermine data browser

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Introduction to the Intermine Data Browser

Making Biological Data Accessible to Everyone

The world of organizing biological data is complex. Locating this data to analyze it seems nearly impossible. We help bridge that gap.

June 23, 2020 / ~2 min read

Trust Your Struggle

Struggling Is a Perception

Everyone struggles. There is no way around it. The only thing we can do is change how we perceive that struggle.

June 09, 2020 / ~3 min read

Only Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect

My Path to an Outreachy Internship with Intermine - Part 2

We often hear others say "practice makes perfect", but is that really the case? In this post I make the argument that it doesn't.

May 24, 2020 / ~3 min read

Hacking My Brain with Spaced Repetition

My Path to an Outreachy Internship with Intermine - Part 1

Spaced repetition is the technique of learning through disciplined struggle. A way to overcome the natural tendency to forget things we've learned, no matter how valuable they are.

May 23, 2020 / ~3 min read
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